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Planetary Gearboxes

HES Tractec's team are experts of planetary gearboxes. We have a purpose-built workshop to assemble the planetary gearboxes and even former Comer Industries employees to offer technical advice. 

 Planetary Gears

What is a planetary gearbox?

A planetary gearbox is named so because of the similarities in movement to that of the solar system. A planetary gearbox consists of a centre gear, the sun gear, and an outer ring gear, the annulus. There are also the planet gears, which rotate between them on a carrier, meshing with the annulus and the sun gear.

You can change which gear remains fixed and which you use as an in-and an output, therefore, producing a wide range of possible gear ratios.


Why choose a planetary gearbox?

If you require a compact, lightweight and stable solution, with high torque to weight capabilities then a planetary gearbox could be the right choice for you. The efficiency value tends to also be very high in planetary drives, with average values ranging from approx. 0.97 to 0.98.

It is a rugged choice of gearbox because the planet gears rotate inside the annulus rather than outside and because loads are split over the carriers the torque capacity is greater than most types of gearboxes.


Where can you use a planetary gearbox?

The modular nature of the planetary drives means that they can be combined with other gear systems, e.g. bevel gears, to provide an optimum solution and can be customised to suit your application. Therefore, there is very little limit to their application. They are commonly used in heavy industry, wind power generators, machine tools, cranes, chemical plants, transportation and hoisting systems and amusement park rides.


How to choose a planetary gearbox configuration?

To find the right combination of gears and the right gear ratios you need to consider several different factors. Further information can be found here or call us today to discuss on 01452 733 106 or email enquiries@grouphes.com

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