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Carraro Rotocar Rotary Plough

Looking for an alternative to traditional ploughing?

The Rotocar rotary plough, which comes from a collaboration between Carraro and Farmtec, the Italian ploughing equipment specialists, is a new device that is suitable for working quickly in all soils and all conditions. With reduced fuel consumption and tyre wear, the Rotocar rotary plough leaves no grooves whilst still reaching the same ploughing depth. 

The special moulded-profile spades on the Rotocar break the soil up and turn it over at the same time, maintaining its structure but without creating any smearing effect.

In addition, they remove any clumps of soil in the structure, thereby improving drainage and storage capacity whilst maintaining the capillary form.

In very wet soil, where a traditional plough is unable to work, rotary ploughs push the tractor forward and allow simultaneous tillage.

If you are looking for reduce your prices but no sacrificing working depth then give the HES Tractec team a call on 01452 733106 or email enquiries@grouphes.com